14 Free Activities to Enjoy in Bermuda That Benefit Your Budget


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There are many terrific activities, foods and perhaps drinks that you’ll want to pay for in Bermuda.  Why not make your money stretch further by also including some “freebies” while there? This week we’re celebrating the beautiful British island territory of Bermuda with free things to do there, free resources, and a free offer or two.

Bermuda’s beauty and proximity have made her a cruise destination favorite from America’s northeast ports for many decades. My first cruise was aboard Holland America Line’s Statendam to Bermuda in 1980. I later learned that my roots to Bermuda ran deeper.  When digging around in Ancestry.com years ago, I found some cruise ship manifests. Through them, I learned that my maternal grandparents cruised to Bermuda on their honeymoon and that my great-uncle worked as a porter on a cruise ship. Wow!


If you are adding a Bermuda cruise to your family’s story, consider these free activities:

  1. Walking tour of Hamilton escorted by the “Town Crier” departs weekdays thru October.  Departs at 10:30am from City Hall & Arts Centre, Church Street.
  2. Walking tour of the Royal Naval Dockyard Tuesdays thru Fridays until October 2. Departs at 9:50am from Victualling Yard.
  3. Explore the 18-mile long Bermuda Railway Trail.
  4. Visit the quaint town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  During the summer, enjoy the period actors as the town is even more reminiscent of its history.
  5. Enjoy the Bermuda Island’s Pipe Band, drummers and dancers during the weekly Skirling Ceremony at noon on Mondays, November through March.
  6. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi and enjoy complimentary concerts over a drink or food (purchased) at Tobacco Bay, St. George.
  7. Hike up to Fort Scaur in Sandys Parish and enjoy the views.
  8. Explore the Gothic ruins of the 19th century Unfinished Church and her grounds in St. George’s.
  9. Hang with the locals and the tourists on a Wednesday evening as Front Street in Hamilton closes to traffic… and opens to lights, music, restaurants and shops open late, dancers, drums, vendors and artists for “Harbour Nights in Hamilton.”  It is scheduled to take place this year, but currently the 2015 web page gives the best description of this weekly summer event.
  10. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi at the Bermuda National Library (though unsecure and reportedly very slow service).
  11. Relax on the beaches or in the water at any of the public beaches.
  12. Mingle with artists as you admire their work in the Bermuda Arts Center located at the Royal Naval Dockyard.
  13. Celebrate Bermuda culture watching the Gombey dancers at Pier Six Passenger Terminal on Front Street in Hamilton at 4:15pm ever Tuesday, November thru March.
  14. Get a photo of you standing in one of the moongates. If traveling with that “someone special,” ask someone snap a photo of the two of you together in one.

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You may find these to be helpful resources as you plan your Bermuda cruise:

Bermuda Tourism Authority

Connie George Travel Associates’ “Cruising to Bermuda” Pinterest Board has over 60 pins

ShoreTrips- An Alternative to Cruise Lines’ Excursions

Savvy Travel Chicks’ Facebook Group

Bermuda’s Town of St. George


I haven’t forgotten that I promised you a free offer!

CEL- free parking

Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit is operating seven night cruises from their Cape Liberty cruise port in Bayonne, New Jersey to Bermuda throughout the summer.  Connie George Travel Associates will give you a parking pass (one per cabin) for free parking at Cape Liberty for the week for anyone who books their Celebrity Summit cruise to Bermuda with us to cruise this summer.  But don’t wait… There is limited availability on each sailing with some being very limited on the cabin categories still available.

CEL- Celebrity SummitBe sure to ask us if you would also qualify for a FREE DRINK PACKAGE or other “perk” if you are booking an oceanview or higher category.



Is it time to add a chapter about your dream Bermuda cruise to your family’s story?

Happy traveling!

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