7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise Vacation

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise Booking- calendar2We work hard for our money and now it’s time to let our money work hard for our vacation.  We all want the best value for what we spend. But where should you start? The best way for your money to produce the best value for your vacation is to look for ways in which you might be flexible without compromising on your experience.  One or more of these tips may save money for you on your next cruise vacation.

1. Flexibility Rules

Are you open to an alternate date?  Even a change by a week or two could make a difference.  If one week isn’t selling as well as another, the cruise line may be enticing people with lower rates to lean toward the sailing with more available cabins.  Be willing to look at off-season cruising.

2. Location, Location, Location

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise Booking- deck plan banner

Princess Cruises’ deck plan shows lower priced balcony cabins in the front and back of the ship.

Are you willing to have a cabin in a less desirable location?  Cabin types (i.e. inside, oceanview, balcony, suites) are usually broken down by multiple categories which are largely dictated by location.  Your sailing may also be offering “guarantee” cabins which give you the cabin type you want (or better), but with the cabin being assigned later and the location at their discretion.

3. Book Early

The earlier you book, the better your choice of location and advance booking promotions.  If the ship is selling well, you’ll have the best of both worlds.  If the ship doesn’t fill up as well and as early as the cruise line expected, you may be able to have your reservation price adjusted to the new lower price of a later offered promotion.

4. Book Late

“Late bookings,” also known as “close in bookings” can be two to twelve weeks in advance.  If you are extremely flexible and willing to risk your preferences or possibly even paying more than you wish (if ships have filled out well), then this is a possible option.

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Cruise Booking- obstructed oceanview

Save money by booking an obstructed view cabin.

5. Room with a View- Or Maybe Not

Do you mind a less-than-perfect view?  Cabins with an “obstructed” window or balcony view may have part of the ship’s structure or lifeboats in front of your window.  But if you are more interested in having some sunlight (window, balcony) or fresh air (balcony) than a great view, perhaps it’s a compromise worth considering.

6. Book Your Next Cruise While on Your Cruise

Visit the “Future Cruise” office while on your current cruise to book your next trip.  Cruise lines offer incentives such as reduced deposits, onboard credit (think “free shipboard spending money”) or discounts. (Here’s an extra tip:  Work with your travel agent before you sail to determine the ship and sailing date in advance that you’ll want to book while onboard.)

7. Work with a Travel Agency which Monitors Prices

Does the agency you are working with monitor prices in case the cruise line starts a lower promotion which could be applied to your booking?  (Connie George Travel Associates does!)  When booking your next cruise vacation or setting up a group cruise, let us know in what ways you may be flexible so we can best assist you to make the most of your vacation budget!

Happy Traveling!

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