About Us


About Us


We specialize in handling the details involved in choosing, booking and preparing cruise and escorted tour vacations.

We have agents who excel in handling the needs of our cruise groups.  Known for our attention to details, we work to remove the worry from group organizers and your group’s members.  We especially enjoy customizing your experience to fit the needs and interests of our leaders and your participants.

As one client said, “Thank you so much for your help and persistence in getting this all worked out. I should call you the Magician….. which is a terrific thing.”  With us, your vacation is in good hands.


About Connie George


I started as a travel agent in 1978 and became one of the few consultants to earn my Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) degree five years later. Not too long afterward, I started my own agency so that we could provide more personalized service than I was often seeing in the travel industry.

In 2011, I completed a year-long course to earn my certification as a Life Coach which added a new dimension to our agency. I’ve since completed two mastery programs which can only lead to many more wonderful opportunities for our clients.


Why I’m here… in this industry

When I first got into the travel industry, I thought I had fallen into it and that it was a temporary “job.”

But eventually, I realized that I had been led to it. I realized that I thrived working with people and introducing the world to them. I loved to see people get the mental, emotional or physical break that they need, hear of relationships that strengthened, and find people coming out of their shell, trying new things, broadening their horizons, and exceeding their expectations. Some shared that they were able to do things that they never thought they would. I am thrilled to have helped people taste food and cultures, to see sights they will never forget, hear sounds they had never realized, and to touch parts of worlds they had barely imagined.

I’ve heard stories related through both tears of laughter and tears of cleansing. I’ve been blessed to work with five generations, ranging from those who were old enough to have been my grandparents to those young enough to be my grandchildren. In between are the “kids” on their first trips, who are now booking their honeymoons, their own families’ trips and their 40th birthday celebrations.

Through it all, I’ve gotten to be a magician, a puzzle builder, an artist, a teacher, and a confidant in a constantly evolving industry. I don’t tell the story, but I do open the book and point out the chapter of a client’s next adventure.

This is the work I was born to do, and I am so glad to have been led here.

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