Are You Ready for Ireland to Charm You?

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You can take the family out of Ireland, but you can’t take the Irish out of the family.

St. Patty’s Day makes me nostalgic about my own experience in Ireland. It’s been about 10 years since I visited there for the first time. I say “first” because I look forward to going there again someday.

Christchurch, Dublin, Ireland

Christchurch, Dublin, Ireland

Over 35 million Americans claim to have at least some Irish ancestry. Going by the number of “Irish” inhabitants, that makes the United States more Irish than Ireland! But it really just means that Ireland’s richness has been woven into the tapestry of America. There was a time when we, and I include myself in this because Irish is also in my makeup, were not wanted here in the U.S.. That’s a historical understatement!

Now the U.S. and Ireland are intricately bound together. Perhaps that plays into why so many Americans dream of visiting this island on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Some travelers want to fill in the blank’s surrounding names on the Irish branches of their family tree.

Ireland- sheep-961602_640

Ireland’s 4-legged natives also welcome you!

However, a lot of us want to see Ireland because of all that we hear about it. The fact that it plays a part in some way in our own personal history just adds to the mystique. I have no idea specifically where my Irish great-grandparents came from, but I felt a comfortable sense of belonging everywhere I went.

What’s not to like in “the Emerald Isle?” I think nature unfolded more shades of green than I’ve ever seen in one place. The scenery ranges from rugged coastlines to rolling fields of farm animals and wildflowers. The locals are warmly welcoming to visitors. The folklore is fun and the laughs are hearty. You see quaint thatch-roofed houses and castles. Taste delicious fresh foods and Guinness beer. Listen to Celtic music and Bono. The singing, music, stories, laughter, food and, yes, the drinks all come together at the pubs.

Dunseverick, Northern Ireland

Dunseverick, Northern Ireland

Who do we see going to Ireland? There’s not much of a “type” of client. We’ve worked with all ages though most are in their 30s thru 60s. Ireland appeals to both genders whether single or coupled. We’ve planned for individuals as well as for groups of friends and family. The one consistency may be that most are of Irish descent to some degree.

CIE Tours International, a company which has specialized in introducing tourists to Ireland and Britain for over 80 years, is the company we most use to this region. That Ireland tour I remember so fondly? It was on CIE. Their longevity, company morals and experience continuously prove why I used them for myself and why we entrust our clients to them.

Thatched roof home, Ireland

Thatched roof home, Ireland

CIE offers over 40 tours of Ireland with some of the tours also visiting Scotland or Britain. There’s a variety of options to fit a particular person, couple or group’s specific interests and timeframe. From Derry to Kinsale and from Waterford crystal to a medieval banquet in a real castle, we look forward to helping you plan your magical Ireland vacation. You can click here to view CIE’s full online brochure.

Prefer cruising for your vacation? While it won’t be as in-depth, there are European cruises which visit Cork, Dublin and Belfast so you can get a taste of Ireland.

Ireland- blarney-castle-550111_640

You can kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

Perhaps part of how you celebrate St. Patty’s Day this week will be making a decision to start planning your Irish vacation. We would enjoy helping you!

Happy traveling!

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