Be the Star Walking on Your Own Red Carpet

Red Carpet Glamour program at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Ladies, you can be the star of your vacation, literally. Participate in an extravagant package that you’ll never forget at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel before cruising from Los Angeles.  Their incredible “Red Carpet Glamour” program awaits you!

Your three hours of celebrity treatment begins with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries while a Hollywood stylist does your hair and make-up before your private photo shoot. Don’t worry about not having the appropriate attire. The hotel will have rented formal clothing for you.  And, of course, you will have a selection of diamonds and pearls to choose from to complete your look!

The program includes a Red Carpet photo shoot from which you’ll select a celebrity portrait to remind you of your personalized event.

A unique experience like this doesn’t come cheap, but if it’s the type of memory that you want to hold dear, it’s available. In addition to the cost of the hotel stay, this package is $3100 for one woman and $600 for each additional woman. Guys can also join in on the fun at lower costs which include a tuxedo and cufflinks.

This could be an amazing outing for a bride and her “wedding posse” before a bachelorette cruise.

Or perhaps a grandmother recalling the older days of Hollywood would enjoy doing this with her children and grandchildren before a family reunion cruise.

If you are a high-profile business coach, can you imagine the potential for having your Mastermind group enjoy this type of an experience together before or after the shipboard conference we book for your group on a cruise sailing from Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii or Alaska?

Happy Traveling!


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