Do You Fit the Profile of a Holiday Cruiser? IS there a Profile?

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Over the past 30+ years, I’ve seen seven reasons why people choose to cruise over Christmas and New Year’s holidays whether they do so annually, occasionally or just once. Do one of these resonate with you?

One reason for people to choose to cruise over the holidays is that they’ve had a recent loss of someone close to them.  This is one I can personally relate to.

Thirty years ago our family went through the loss of both of my grandparents on my mother side. Pop Pop died from cancer and Nanny died three months later from a broken heart. Literally, a broken heart. Holidays had always been at their house, and it was hard for us to imagine going through that first Christmas with them so blatantly missing from the picture.


Christmas trees and palm trees in St. Maarten’s port.

My parents came up with the idea of our family of four going away over the holiday. I hesitate to say “going on vacation” because it seemed more like planning an “escape” than a “vacation” to look forward to.  The trip turned out to be fun and “different.”  No, we obviously couldn’t (and wouldn’t have wanted to) forget my grandparents.  However, such a huge intentional break from “tradition” did ease the level of pain we would have felt had we stayed home. Sometimes escaping for short bits of time is a good thing.

Holiday cruising is also popular for people who have no family or small families.  A client with no close family members once mentioned that he felt more comfortable joining the celebrations and natural fun setting of a cruise whereas, at home, he felt uncomfortable and conspicuous over holidays. Alternatively, many small families enjoy time together with someone else “hosting”…. Doing the set-up, clean-up, cooking and cleaning.

Limited common time off from school and work can make a holiday cruise appealing.  With

One of the elegant Swarovski Crystal staircases on MSC Divina decorated for the holidays.

One of the elegant Swarovski Crystal staircases on MSC Divina decorated for the holidays.

schools closed, families with children in school or college find this a more viable time for everyone to get away together.

Families whose best quality time is when it’s spent in small doses.  Family members can share genetics and love, but for ones filled with strong and passionate personalities, holiday celebrations may not be sharing that of the perfect ‘60s TV family.   A cruise offers the option of how much time to spend “together” and also gives everyone safe subjects to discuss so that they enjoy real “quality time” together.

Holiday cruises are a great option for people who don’t celebrate Christmas or, perhaps do have a personal Christian faith, but aren’t comfortable with all of the “celebration” everywhere.  Many guests, crew and officers look forward to Christmas and it is celebrated on the ship.  But it’s often less overwhelming than it may be “landside.”

Jewish Menorah candles-897776_640

Celebrate Hanukkah on a cruise this year.

Families and friends who are looking for a different atmosphere in which to celebrate their holidays.  This year, Hanukkah and Christmas overlap which is rare.  Hanukkah will be celebrated December 24 through January 1. This is a great opportunity for Jewish families to celebrate the Festival of Lights on a cruise ship.  Holiday sailings include shipboard religious celebrations and traditions as well as the typical cruise life.

Cruising over the holidays can be a terrific alternative for families stretched across large distances.  If some need to travel to get to where a home celebration takes place, then everyone meeting at a central port location may not be much less convenient.

As I mentioned in the first blog in our series regarding cruising over the holidays, we already have many group and individual bookings, some of which were booked before this past holiday.  It’s not too late, but neither is it too early.  Contact us today to book your cabin or your group.

Happy Traveling!

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