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Customizing Groups Is A Fun Way To Make Your Group Unique

Sample Features That Can Be Added

Free Trips
Your group will earn one free “cruise berth” for every eight cabins booked.  A cruise berth is the per person cost based on double occupancy excluding the taxes, fees and gratuities which the “free person” must still pay.
Cocktail Party
Party may require minimum group size. Sometimes complimentary.
Private Group Meeting Space
Meeting space may require a minimum group size.  Usually complimentary.
Private Entertainment
Sometimes we have groups which bring their own entertainment, want private dance parties or a talent show. A fee may be charged for audio visual equipment.
Group Facebook Event
We are happy to assist you in setting up an event on Facebook.  Complimentary.
Bonus Gifts
These may be added features either delivered in the cabin or sent in advance.  The items may depend on the size of the group. Additional fee may apply.
Group Shore Excursion
This is an added opportunity for your group to do something special together.  These may be booked through the line or directly with a local operator, whichever is advantageous for your group.  Additional fee applies.
Agency Escort
We suggest an agency escort for all groups of 50 or more, and are available to escort smaller groups if you would like an added layer of attention during your trip.  Additional fee applies.
We can provide your choice of paper flyers and/or e-flyers.
Travel insurance is available to your group members and is recommended. We work with each individual to price and purchase the policy which best fits their needs.  Additional fee applies.

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Cruise Ships Are Terrific Settings For
Milestone Celebrations
• Birthday
• Anniversary
• Retirement
• Family
• School
• Military
Spiritual Retreats
Friends Getaway
Country Club
Fraternal Organizations
Girlfriend Getaway
• “Chicks at Sea”
Social Groups
Vow Renewals

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