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We listen to you and share a common goal of creating a successful program.

candy_harrington_bio_3aacAs an author I was excited about putting together a fan cruise; however I was also concerned that the logistics for planning such an event would entirely overwhelm me.

Then Connie George came into the picture.

Not only did she take care of all the shipboard meet-and-greets, seminars and private dinners, but she and her staff also gave me some great tips for hosting a successful event. But the best part was that she actually listened to me and planned the kind of cruise that I wanted and needed.

Candy Harrington
Author, speaker, founding editor of Emerging Horizons Accessible Travel News

We save you time by taking care of all of the complex details.

orig-cbc_chumleysuit_p234_dkqbAfter nine years of producing a large-group annual cruise, I was seeking a new agency that could take us further in improving and expanding our program. Getting someone new up-to-speed on the complexity of details involved in orchestrating 500+ guests on a cruise that includes a tradition of private dining, many shipboard events and private shore excursions was scary and something I had put off for as long as possible.

Not only did Connie George Travel Associates meet the challenge, but Connie and her team tackle every challenge I present them with and are tenacious about producing results. The thing I appreciate the most is how all of the comments regarding our agency are now positive and in some cases nothing less than loving. The personal attention they receive from booking through disembarkation is something I can heartily recommend to anyone seeking a professional and personable team – something that is unfortunately no longer always the norm these days!

Mark Chumley Singer
Chumley’s BearCruises