Happy Birthday, Dear Coast Guard

Coast Guard Helicopter flying near Statue of Liberty

U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flies by the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

We want to wish a hearty “Happy Birthday!” to the U.S. Coast Guard as they celebrate their 227th birthday today!

Our modern-day Coast Guard began on August 4, 1790 under the Department of Treasury as the Revenue Cutter Service. I found their history to be fascinating.

orange and white Coast Guard response speed boat

Coast Guard Response Boat

The Coast Guard is tasked with our maritime protection involving safety, security and environment and do so “on land, sea and in the air.”

They are the one of our five branches of military service tasked with overseeing cruise ships in the United States.  This branch has 11 missions they must perform.

Ship wheel with two yellow-coasted sailors

The helm of a Coast Guard cutter ship.

This includes a strong involvement with the cruise line industry.  “The U.S. Coast Guard is both a regulator and the enforcement agency that oversees cruise ships in U.S. waters.  They are involved in nearly every aspect of cruise ship oversight, from ship design and construction to ongoing operations. The Coast Guard conducts regular announces and unannounced inspections of cruise ships.” (CLIA)

Orange and white Coast Guard boat in harbor with buildings in background

Coast Guard boat patrolling Chicago harbor

In 2015 alone, USCG responded to 37,215 Search & Rescue cases and saved over 3,500 lives.  We appreciate the Coast Guard’s motto, “Semper Paratus.”  They are “Always Ready” to protect our waters and those who sail on them.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Coast Guard and our wish for the daily safety of the men and women who serve in it.

Happy Traveling!

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