You Can’t Just “Fall Off” a Ship

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Have you wondered how people fall off balconies?   Every year, we hear about at least one person who falls off a cruise ship along with the occasional story of a Spring Break’er falling off a balcony at a resort. Someone recently asked me if this  really happens.

I’ve probably been on at least 30 cruise ships and stayed in countless hotel rooms with a balcony.  I’ve never come close to falling off. I’ve never stepped on the banana peel, flown over the railing and, by the grace of God, had someone reach out to grab me and pull me back to safety.

Not falling off a balcony or deck doesn’t take any special balancing skills. I opt for a balcony at every opportunity so I’ve been on a lot of them. Trust me…. My balance isn’t the greatest, I can be klutzy at times and I’m phobic when it comes to heights.  I haven’t fallen off a ship nor is it in my top 100 things to be concerned about.


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Paul David Tripp said, “Foolishness is more than being stupid, that deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance.”  Any reasons why a teenager or adult can fall off clearly involves that definition. These may seem like “no brainers,” but let me list some Don’t Fall Off the Ship Rules.

Do not sit on the railing.  Just. Don’t.

Do not climb on the railing.  A few times I’ve heard of, and once seen video evidence of, someone using the railing to climb between balconies.  This one always seems to involve young males.  (Guys, what are you thinking??)

Do not reenact the “I’m Flying” scene from Titanic. You are not Kate Winslet and a young, dashing Leonardo DiCaprio is not holding onto you.  Think I’m exaggerating that people are trying this? Some cruise ships have gone so far as to cordon off the bow to stop guests from trying to mimic the scene.

Do not get drunk. Just because you’re not “doing the driving” does not mean over-imbibing is safe. Drink if you like. But please don’t get drunk to the point of annoying your fellow passengers, being destructive or doing dangerous things.  If I was a betting woman, I’d put money on it being a fact that most falls off a ship (or hotel balcony) involve excessive alcohol.

There may be a fine line between foolish and silly by some destinations.  I lean toward Mr. Tripps’ definition of “foolishness” while I think of “silliness” as being it’s fun and innocent twin.  Silly is fun, childlike, goofy.

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 “’Have fun’ is my message.

Be silly.  You’re allowed to be silly. 

There’s nothing wrong with it.” 

Jimmy Fallon


I agree with Jimmy Fallon.  We want all our clients to be safe.  And we want you to have fun….. lots of fun.  And be silly if you like.  Silly is fun!

Happy Traveling!

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