Did I Just Find a Cheaper Deal on the Internet?

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Occasionally, we’ll have a client who asks if a lower price they just saw on the internet can be applied to a reservation they already have booked. I understand them asking about it. I’m on a budget myself and want the best value for what I’m spending so why would I not understand the same from our clients?

In my experience, it usually boils down to one of four scenarios. I’m sharing this with you to help “break the code” and take the mystery out of why you may later see a lower price.  The typical answers we find when we look into a client’s inquiry are:


A new and less expensive promotion has started with the cruise line or tour operator. If it’s not a promotion limited to “new bookings only,” we can usually apply the new, lower rate to your existing booking.



You may not be seeing the whole picture. Often, the lower rate that is listed doesn’t show all taxes and fees which could be significant.


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What you’re seeing isn’t “apples to apples” to what you’re already booked on. For instance, it could be accommodations in a lower category or not as well located. Perhaps that rate that’s $100 lower doesn’t include it $150 shipboard credit or items which have been added such as pre-paid gratuities or airport transfers. Be sure it’s the same package with the same accommodations, same experiences, and same features.


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If it says anything like “prices from,” the price you were seeing may only apply to one departure date during a season rather than the time frame during which you are looking to travel. Or it may be that the very few “lead-in pricing” spots are long gone. But because they existed, they can still be used in advertising.


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Researching online for a vacation can be overwhelming and time-consuming. A good, experienced and unbiased travel agent knows what to look for, can discern legitimate offers and be your advocate.


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When working with one of our travel specialists, let us know if you see something online that you wonder is a “good deal.”  Because, for us, it’s all about you and our creating the type of cruise or tour vacation you are dreaming of.  Not at the lowest price, but at the best value for what you want and need so you aren’t disappointed.

Happy Traveling!

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