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Are you the person in your circle who organizes the family gatherings? Arranges the get-togethers for old school friends, and initiates the social media and text invites to spread the word? Or maybe you are the one who plans the neighborhood block parties or community events. YOU are the one I’m writing to.


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Our group leaders look like rock stars to their members!

You may or may not even be a local celebrity in your community. But without doubt, you are “all that and a bag of chips” among your piers because you make things happen. You are a potential group leader. And we work to make our group leaders look like rock stars!



At Connie George Travel Associates, we consider a “group” to be enough people to fill five or more cabins on a cruise ship or rooms on an escorted tour.

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We’ve worked with groups of 10 to 500+ people. Our “intimate groups” consist of 5-10 cabins/rooms. These groups come in all different make-ups. Friends escaping together for a vacation, siblings and their spouses spending time together, a special event that people are coming together to celebrate. Sometimes it’s for fun. Or it could be fun and work combined such as a business coach with a masterclass.


We enjoy working with our group leaders to help you reach whatever goals you have for the trip, make the planning go smoothly, get the word out and produce a trip that everyone will remember. We like working on the extra touches that elevate your intimate small group’s experience and differentiates it from what others on the same cruise or tour are getting.


Cruise lines reward leaders with credit toward your cabin cost when you have at least 8 cabins. Tour companies typically do similar rewards with at least 8 or 10 rooms. You can earn a free trip!


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You and your group benefit from our attributes:

  • Experience
  • Networking
  • Creativity
  • Travel industry knowledge
  • Ability to navigate systems
  • Organize your trip
  • Handle all of the details
  • Match you and your group with the appropriate ship or tour

We’re going to save you time, reduce your frustration and build a great experience to make your trip a success…. and make YOU look like a rock star!


Ketchikan, Alaska on a Globus tourSometimes there are promotions specifically for group leaders that are a great advantage for someone organizing an intimate group. Globus, Cosmos and Monograms have two weeks left of a special promotion that is a great deal for group leaders wanting a tour. If we book as few as 10 passengers on select 2017 on a land tour, 1 person travels free! They will include 1 free person touring for every 10 passengers up to 4 free for a group of 40.


Ho Chi Minh on a Globus tourThis applies only to new bookings, subject to availability and is applicable to groups joining their scheduled tours. Spots must be blocked with a minimal group deposit by 5pm ET on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Tour must depart by December 31, 2017.


Contact Connie George Travel Associates at 610-532-0989 or to learn more. 


Happy traveling!

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