Shipboard Credit… Free Money in your Cabin

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Is there cash available for you on your next cruise?
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The Jeopardy-like question is, “What’s free money to spend on my cruise?”  The answer is, “Shipboard credit.”  It’s a perk, a gift, an added feature.

It’s called by many names such as shipboard credit, onboard credit, SBC and OBC.  We call it “a great bonus for our clients!”

No matter what you want to call it, it’s money credited to your shipboard account.  Think of it as money to enjoy guiltlessly on something you purchase while on the ship. Souvenirs, specialty dining, excursions, and spa treatments are all possibilities.

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Bill and Doris just received $100 to spend during their cruise.  Our price monitoring system caught a new promotion.  In checking, the price was the same and their cruise package still included a hotel night before their cruise which was four months away and not yet paid in full.  New bookings made under a new promotion included a $100 shipboard credit. It was combinable with the promotion under which they were already booked and the category in which they were booked still had available cabins meaning that it could be easily verified that that promotion DID apply to bookings on that sail date and in that category.

We made a call to have the OBC apply, updated our files and sent our clients an updated confirmation.  A bit of time on our end and a happy client with $100 free dollars to enjoy on the cruise.

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With few limits, shipboard credits can be used for anything.  Lines don’t allow you to use it for the casino and some won’t allow it to be used toward gratuities for the staff.  However, if you are looking to treat yourself to a massage or a more intimate dinner in a specialty restaurant, or to buy something else on the ship (like those t-shirts for the grandkids, a souvenir mug for your desk so you can dream of your next cruise or a bottle of duty-free liquor for a co-worker who is covering for you in the office), a shipboard credit can be helpful in reducing your bill at the end of the cruise!

So, what are the ways you can grab a bit of this for yourself? Let’s talk about 10 ways you can earn your own shipboard credit ….. in our following blog, which will be posted next week!

Happy Traveling!

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