You CAN Cruise Despite Stamina Limitations

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Are you missing out on your dream cruise because of low stamina or limited mobility? No worries! We have a solution which has enabled many of our clients like you to live your dream.

There are many people who are experiencing a progressive illness, an injury, or are recovering from a surgery or illness who can’t run circles around the buffet.  But that doesn’t have to stop you from living  your dream cruise or taking that special cruise with your kids and grandkids.

Man using a blue walker

By renting mobility aids, we have worked with countless clients to enjoy cruising with many booking repeat vacations. We can have a walker, collapsible wheelchair or scooter waiting for you in your cabin. These are a few of the many types of equipment available which can, literally, open the world up to you

Having a little help at your disposal to get around or to keep you from getting worn out can make all the difference. In fact, sometimes it’s enough just to know you have that safety net.   Some travelers will rent a scooter or wheelchair just to  have the option of it being available. Even if they don’t use it, knowing it was their choice was empowering.

Our preferred supplier, Special Needs at Sea, has come through for our clients at every request over the years.

Woman in wheelchair and 2 other people sitting at a table

You can tell a lot about a company by its management. I’ve know Special Needs at Sea’s owner, Andy Garnett, since before his company started though he was already working to enable more people to travel. He’s met one of my sons, I’ve “broken bread” with him (okay, it was really great burgers and fries), I’ve visited his office and have toured his warehouse.

Their mission is, “To deliver an accessible world.” How neat is that?! And while fulfilling that challenge, “SNAS” has also been very involved with their local community and has been a leader in teaching accessible travel to the travel agent community through a learning program they designed. Our clients are in good hands when we mare arrangements through them.

Conductor assisting a man on a scooter with the hydraulic lift into a green train car

Here are 8 tips you need to know:

1- If you need to use a store’s scooter to get around, you are a candidate for someone who would benefit by renting a mobility device.

2- In order to rent a collapsible wheelchair or scooter, we will need your height and weight. If ordering a powerchair, we also need to know if you are right or left-handed.

3- The rental does not come with an extension cord. Ships have a limited number of them available so you may have to being one if your rented devise has a battery..

4- Rental equipment is usually delivered to your cabin and must be left there at the end of the rental unless otherwise advised.

5- You will prepay your rental at the time it is ordered.

6- You can use your equipment in port.

7- The cruise line will likely want the device’s dimensions and weight which we can provide to them for you.

8- In the unlikely event that the equipment doesn’t work properly (which we’ve had happen only three times in 10 years), contact SNAS immediately to have it fixed or replaced.

Man pushing woman in blue beach wheelchair with yellow wheels

I’ve never ended a conversation with Andy in person or by phone without him saying, “Keep smilin’!”

Don’t miss the trip that you always wanted to take because you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up. Talk to us to see if the trip is possible.   We want you to enjoy that dream …. and to keep smilin’!”

Happy Traveling!

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Photos involving accessible equipment provided by Special Needs at Sea.

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