A Teen’s View of Cruising on Allure of the Seas

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Taylor is one of our teen clients.  Have you ever wondered what happens when a teen gets introduced to one of the world’s largest cruise ships? For this teen…  A lot!

Taylor, her mom and her grandparents’ traveling together fits the definition of “multi-generational travel,” a continually growing group of travelers made up of 3 or more generations from a family who take time out to connect together during a trip in what can otherwise be a hectic world.

Taylor’s family recently returned from their cruise aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.  Allure is the second largest cruise ship in the world.  Pluses of cruising for multi-generational families include opportunities to do things individually as well as spending time together.  Another is the sheer variety of options of new things to try including new foods and activities.

Talking to Taylor after their cruise, it was easy to see that she took full advantage of those pluses!  Taylor tried lamb, sushi, authentic Jamaican jerk, eel, escargot and tiramisu.  On the snails, she said she “didn’t like the escargot enough to eat it again.”  She said the eel “was in a sushi roll at Izumi Asian Cuisine.”  She also got to spend a lot of time enjoying being with her family as they explored the ports and the ship together.

Before their cruise, I asked Taylor (with her mom’s permission) if she was interested in writing and photographing some of what she would experience to be a Guest Blogger for our readers.  She accepted that challenge.  In her words and photos and with my thanks, here is Taylor’s blog:


A Teen’s View of Cruising on Allure of the Seas

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In Labadee, Haiti I got to zip line 100 feet above the ocean.

Before I went on the advanced zip line, my group and I went on a training zip line as shown in the picture. The beginner line was about 35 feet from the ground. The instructor gave thorough instructions about the positions for accelerating and landing while in the air. I had never zipped lined before.  Riding through the air on the zip line gave me a rush and is something that I would love to experience again.


Boardwalk deck area on ship

This is a photo of the boardwalk. It is where younger kids will find entertainment. It has a merry-go-round, arcade, candy store, and a clothing shop.

My favorite performance was the OceanAria show in the AquaTheater, which was shown on the outdoor stage in the back of the picture. It consisted of acrobats, dancers and gymnasts doing water related stunts like diving. I found it so intriguing, that I watched it twice.

On both sides of the stage is a rock wall. I hadn’t climbed on a rock wall in a while so it was very exciting to do it again.


photos of lamb, lobster, tiramisu, sushi

I also tried eel,  lamb, authentic Jamaican jerk, sushi and tiramisu.  I didn’t like the escargot enough to eat it again.


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Taylor J.’s Bio

Taylor is finishing her sophomore year of high school where her favorite subject is Literature.  In her spare time, she enjoys listening to several music genres though her favorites are electronic, indie and pop.




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