Traveling for Business? Make it a Bleisure Trip

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It’s been many years since I was an agent working with corporate travel. While I miss some of the relationships and the challenges that came from working on very involved and often last-minute business arrangements, I prefer fulfilling people’s dreams as a vacation and group specialist. That might sound cliché, but it’s true.


When reading travel agent magazines, I normally skip over anything that’s corporate travel related. However, seeing “bleisure travel” in a headline in Travel Agent Central magazine intrigued me.


Probably no industry creates more blended words and acronyms than the technology and travel fields.   “Bleisure” is apparently a relatively new travel industry term that refers to someone combining a vacation (leisure) with their business travel. Newer word, but an old practice.


According to the article which sourced information from MMGY Global’s Portrait of Business Travelers, nearly nine out of 10 business travelers have added vacations to a business trip. It was also stated that three quarters of business travelers are accompanied by their spouse or significant other and with 30% of them bringing their children.


The article went on to explain that 73% of Millennials feel it’s important to combine business and leisure travel followed by 56% of Gen Xers and 46% of Baby Boomers.


I didn’t find it surprising that Millennials are the highest percentage group for multiple reasons. First, because I also saw the “younger” business travelers more often add on some vacation time after a work trip back when I handled business travel.  Secondly, because the youngest adult group has the least amount of travel experience and is especially anxious to see areas not yet visited.  Lastly, younger business travelers may be somewhat less encumbered by as many of life’s potential constraints as their older fellow business travelers.


But I do think there’s one difference that also plays into the higher percentage being our Millennials.  There are aspects of their collective spirit that I enjoy.  They seem more inquisitive and eager for experiences.  Bleisure travel is a good thing and I’m glad they are taking advantage of piggy-backing leisure time onto their business trips.


No matter which age group you fall into, we hope you will contact Connie George Travel Associates if you wish to add a cruise or tour extension to your business travel.


Happy traveling!

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