Weather Whimsy- Expect the Unexpected

Snow showers in Philadelphia in April.

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give you the appropriate weather for the season.

It’s not supposed to snow in Philadelphia in April.  But some years it does. There’s a reason I’m telling you this.  It has to do with your next vacation.

A key consideration when you decide to book a trip and later when preparing is, “What will the weather be like at that time?”  Unfortunately, there is the “climate” based on typical conditions that we use to make plans from traveling to when to put seeds in the ground, and then there is whatever Mother Nature is going to toss into the mix.

Unwanted spring snow forecast

Weather doesn’t always cooperate with what’s expected for the time of time of year.

According to Climate Zone, Philadelphia’s April climate is a high of 62F, a low of 42F and an average snowfall of under a ½.”  Having lived my entire life in southeastern Pennsylvania, I can go years without experiencing snow in April.  Guess what.  It was snowing this morning when I went for my allergy shot.  Not as much snow as our northern neighbors have gotten, but enough to remind us that even though “it’s not supposed to snow in Philadelphia in April” … it does.

“When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?”  June through November, but with the most activity being in late August through early October.  But there have been rare hurricanes in the winter. And it’s not supposed to snow in Philly in April.

“What will the temperature be like when our ship docks in Juneau in June?”  According to climate records, expect a high of 62F and a low of 47F.  During a group cruise that I once escorted, many of our participants and I wore shorts into Juneau because it was nearly 80F.  And it’s not supposed to snow in Philly in April.

Wearing jackets on deck when sailing from Houston during an exceptional cold spell.  Snow having to be shipped into Anchorage for the beginning of the Iditarod dog sled race.  A sunny week sailing into Bermuda during rainy season.  Miserable rainstorms during dry season.  Snow in Philly in April.

Weatherer- Expect the Unexpected- rainbow-873441_640

Wishing you sunshine and rainbows for your vacation. (Unless you are going snow skiing!)

I won’t bore you with the many other examples I could give of the expectations of storm patterns and temperature that didn’t prove true.  When asked about expected weather, I always answer the question with a follow up that that’s not a guarantee of what will happen, it’s just a likelihood.  If you are a client from the mid-Atlantic region, you’ve probably heard me follow an explanation of expected weather with, “but it’s not supposed to snow in Philly in April and sometimes it does so there are no guarantees.”  It gets the point across.  This morning’s snow gives me reason to keep saying it.

So plan according to typical climate expectations.  Do a last minute check on the weather forecast before your trip.  And plan to “expect the unexpected.”

Oh, and the ultimate irony for me today?  As I was leaving to get allergy shots, one of which is for seasonal allergies, I looked at my Weather Channel app.  It said “pollen is high” in my area today. Despite that it was snowing. In Philadelphia. In April.

Happy traveling!


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