Avoid Packing these Items so You Don’t Get Burnt on Your Next Cruise


You may think that the cruise lines’ first order of business is for you to have a terrific vacation. Not so!

Their first priority is to keep you and their crew safe. This involves a few “rules” you need to know for packing and ship life. Here are the top rules cruisers need to know for fire safety:

No Flames of Any Kind
No lighting candles, incense, sage or anything else.

The solutions: Take advantage of battery-operated flameless candles for ambiance. Bring along your favorite air freshener.

Cruise ships offer designated cigar and cigarette smoking areas.

No Smoking
Due to safety and cleaning reasons, cruise lines do not permit smoking in cabins. In fact, most won’t allow you to smoke on your balcony, either. If in doubt, check on the latest rules, but know that a line allowing balcony smoking now could still ban it before you sail. Not following smoking rules can result in a “cleaning fee” of your cabin which runs about $150 – 250.

The solution: There are designated smoking areas on all cruise ships at this time. Stick to lighting up in those spots.

No “Hot Stuff”
No irons, steamers, hot plates or other items that heat up. Exceptions- You can bring your own hair dryer if you prefer it over the one most cruise lines place in your cabins and you can bring a curling iron or hair straightener.

The solutions: Cruise lines will press (for a fee) your wrinkled items. Some cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, offer self-serve “laundromats” on their ships which have an iron and ironing board in with the washers and dryers.

Power Strips
Leave the bigger power strips with the surge protectors at home. Most lines won’t allow them.

The solution: We have not heard of any smaller power strips that do not have a surge protector being confiscated at embarkation. (My Monster Power Outlets to Go is one of my favorite travel items for use in ships and airports. To date, I’ve not had any line deny my bringing it onboard. http://amzn.to/1PpNItO )

No Cheating on the Shaver Outlet
The bathroom shaver outlet accommodates low voltage items. Plugging something like a hair dryer or curling iron can trip the circuit breaker or fuse.

The solution: Stick with the correct outlet in your cabin.

Cruise line’s security offices in ports gather quite a collection of confiscated items at embarkation. If an item is taken from you before boarding, get directions on where items are held so you know where you will have to go to retrieve your belongings after the cruise.

But there is good news for items that guests don’t go back to claim. Cruise lines have reputations for not being wasteful and for giving back to the community. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines reported that confiscated items, when appropriate, are donated local charities after two weeks.

Happy traveling!

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